Monday, December 3, 2007

holiday sale

Holiday Sale

Towson University Metals Club Holiday Sale:

Wednesday, December 5 - Cook Library - 11-3
Thursday, December 6 - Cook Library - 11-3
Friday, December 7 - Center for the Arts Atrium - 10-6
Saturday, December 8 - Center for the Arts Atrium - 10-6

Jewelry, paper goods, and more by Towson University students, faculty, and alumni.

Cash or check only.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Heidi Lowe workshop + lecture

Heidi Lowe - owner of Heidi Lowe jewelry studio in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware - will be here on Monday, November 12 for a lecture and workshop.

The workshop is on glass beadmaking (a perfect opportunity to make work for the sale!) and will be from 12-5 in CA 2017. Cost is $10 which helps cover the cost of supplies. To sign up, email Megan at meauman(at)yahoo(dot)com ASAP!

Heidi will give a talk at 6:30 on Monday about her work, running a gallery, and the type of work she sells. The lecture is FREE and not to be missed!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Upcoming Gocco Demos

People had voiced an interest in more gocco demos:

-Megan will be doing one in her fibers class on monday between 2 and 5:30. Anyone is welcome to come check it out, email Megan if you have more questions.
-Jan will also be doing a short demo in her Design Like You Give a Damn class on tues. between 4 and 5:50.

Holiday Heap and Holiday Sale Work Deadline

On Monday Nov. 26 @ 6:30 we will have a meeting to jury work and go over pricing. All work for the sales are due at this meeting. As far as displays go people can attach their work to cards(cardstock.. etc.) for the Heap show, and for the TU sale we can do more extensive displays if people want.

Philly trip

$30 by the tuesday. nov 30 to reserve your spot

money will go towards transportation and hotel reservation. Any money not used for transportation will be refunded after the trip. Metals club is paying for the cost of the hotel, but we need to pay for it up fron t and then will be reimbursed later by the sga.
Alums are welcome to attend just get the deposit to rebecca by the 30th. my # 443-326-6329. i also live in the studio during the week.

admission for the show is $15. However, if we get a group of 10 people or more to give me $8 before friday we get admission for $8 your best bet is to bring it to class on thursday.

You will need to provide your own $ for food and miscellaneous goods.

We havn't worked out transportation yet.. depending on # of people we could carpool or take a bus.. suggestions?
the plan is to leave school at 8:30 on friday morning and well get back in town by 3 sat afternoon.

If you want to be added to a list email me at, but it won't be official until i get your money.
any questions feel free to contact me:-)

Meeting feedback

Thanks to everyone that came to the meeting last night!
The Demo was an awsome group effort, and I hope that people got some of the information they were looking for last night. It would be awsome if we could get little demos like that going on after every meeting, it doesn't have to be anything extensive. what do you guys think? what type of demos are people interested in? who would be interested in doing the next one? suggestions? maybe we could do a small demo on making cool clasps for chains? i know sometimes its h ard to make a cute s-hook.. does someone out there have a nice trick they could share?

i am looking forward to everyone getting involved. special thanks to Lizzy for working on getting the aprons togeather:-) p.s. we never did get a date set up for that. what do people think about having it november 20?

something else i forgot to mention last night- Holiday Ornaments for the sale! in the past there have been nights where people get togeather and make ornaments, i believe the club has a bunch of suff for that.. any interest? I know Megan has some super easy and awsome ornaments she makes and sells on her etsy site... check it out!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Workshop Idea

Here's an idea.....what if we invited (and paid) John Fix to come and do a one day/afternoon workshop on finishing (he is a master and this is something he prides himself on) and have him talk about how he packs his work for shipping to galleries? Workshop participants could bring work that they want finishing tips on......Thoughts?

I don't know how many of you have met or know John at all. He is a treasure. If you have an opportunity to take a workshop/class form him, do it!

He also is great at photographing work.....for those of you interested in that.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I was just thinking about the Metals Club and how proud I am that it exists and how well it is growing and evolving. Great job, everyone who has contributed. At the Gocco demo we talked about making new aprons every year and using the Gocco to print them! Over the years we could all end up with a nice collection of studio aprons. We could also sell them! I think it might be nice to create a graphic element for the apron of the Metals Club's presidents' signatures over the years starting with the first one and each year ending with the current president's signature. It is a nice way to mark the history of the organization. Perhaps it could run along the bottom of the apron one year, down a side the next year, etc. I also thought about having each group of officers' signatures because truly is a group effort....but the amount of signatures/text would accumulate quickly and I am thinking nice graphic element. Whitney Staiger is a wiz with photoshop and illustrator.....

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

more gocco

Thanks again to Annie for a great gocco demo! I can't wait to see what everyone makes.

Great Fun!

Annie! Thank you so much for a great demo on the Gocco press last night. Gocco rocks!

So putting the studio Gocco into circulation.....
I would like students to purchase the expendables on their own: bulbs, inks, screens, etc. The press itself can live in the Metals Club cabinet.

Let's plan a field trip to The paper Source in Georgetown! And remember we can order online from the Papersource as well.

Happy Gocco!

Monday, October 1, 2007

gocco preview

in preparing for tonight's gocco demo, i wanted to show you some awesomely inspiring gocco work. look at all the amazing things you can do with this machine!
i am a newbie myself, and will only be able to show you the basic operation of this little gadget, but hopefully these images will spur some of those creative juices. see you tonight! (click on photos to see artist's shops)
(also see poppytalk's gocco picks!)

Heidi Lowe

Heidi Lowe has agreed to come visit us Monday and Tuesday the 12th and 13th of November to do a workshop and talk. I believe there is going to be a glass bead making workshop, I will have more information to give to everyone soon, but just thought I'd give a heads up.
Also I look forward to seeing everyone at our second meeting tonight!!! and theres going to be pizza and and Awsome gocco workshop by Annie. bring images if you have them, plain black and white will be great.

Fundraising Idea

One Laptop Per Child

I learned of this program when I first saw the Design for the Other 90% exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt in the spring of 2007. It has received a ton of press and is an interesting object/product and idea. There is a big push aimed at the public/individuals to launch this. Reading recent press about the push to launch this, I immediately put it on my charitable donations shortlist. Purchasing/donating to the cause is within many people's reach which brings me to the Metals Club: would the metals club consider this as its fundraising project?

Nicholas Negraponte, the person behind this, is the former director of the Media Lab at MIT, a position I believe he left to launch this program. Checkout the website at The software is open source which is also great.....Fuel the Revolution!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Idea for Metals Club Tool Budget

Buy a light tent for photographing work! I have info and will try to remember to bring it on Monday. This could be a huge draw for new members and perhaps even from outside the M & J/IC programs.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Craft Bastards

Tagging in to this...we are meeting in CA 2006 at 10 am on Sunday, driving to Greenbelt metro station, taking that to Crafty Bastards, and returning to Towson by 5pm so people can sork in the studio. COME!

Crafty Bastards Show in D.C. Sunday Sept 30. Megan Auman has a booth, and our awesome alums: Juliet, and Annie . I think it would be great to get a group of people together to go through the show. Anyone interested??

Recycled Jewelry Event

I would really like to host the Recycled Jewelry Event (that they did in Richmond) next semester.
I would like to start the planning now so that we could advertise it at the various sales and events that we host. If we are all feel strapped for time perhaps this is something that an alum could organize for us (like Liz Matthews).

Schedule of Events

Calendar of Events
Metals and Jewelry Club Fall 2007

*Sunday September 30th Crafty Bastards- Washington D.C.

*Monday October 1st Jewelry Club Meeting 6:30pm Rm 2006
Gocco Workshop (mini screen printing process) with Annie 7:30pm Rm 2015

*Friday October 12th Opening at the G-Spot Gallery (graduate student April Wood’s work in exhibition)

*Wednesday October 17th Alumni Panel Discussion 7pm Rm 2006

*Friday October 19th Ear wire/ Pin back Workshop 12-2pm Rm 2015 (BRING: 20 Gauge sterling wire; half-hard/ anti-tarnish is awesome)

*Saturday October 20th -Sunday October 21st School 33 Tour (open studio tours of Baltimore studios; snacks and discussion with artists;) <>

*Wednesday October 24th Photograph your work Workshop 7pm Rm 2006; Other departments’ welcome! (BRING: your own work to photograph, your OWN camera, and a zip-drive)

*Friday November 2nd Ron McCormick Lecture 6:30pm Rm 2032

*Friday November 9th-Sunday November 11th Trip to Philly Show (weekend in PA??) <>

*Monday November 19th Banner Brainstorming 7pm Rm 2006
Come help us design the Metals and Jewelry Club’s Banner! Food and fun!

*Saturday December 1st Charm City Craft Mafia Holiday Heap. Make money and get your work out there!

*Wednesday December 5th- Saturday December 8th JEWELRY SALE
Wednesday/Thursday LIBRARY 11am-3pm
Friday/Saturday CFA 10am-6pm

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

one a day challenge

Want to make a lot of work for the holiday sale? Start planning now!

Challenge yourself to make one item for the sale each day you are in the studio. Keep it simple - basic earrings, rings, pendants. Use skills you're already using for class - Jewelry 2 - roll print silver sheet for some simple pendants - Jewelry 1 - wire makes great earrings. You get the idea.

Need a little inspiration?
Check out gemmafactrix's etsy shop.

Updates from the 1st meeting...

Congratulations to our new officers -
President - Rebecca Dortzbach
Vice-President - Laura Skidmore
Treasurer - Theresa LaFerriere
Secretary - Katy Franklin
Alumni Coordinator - Annie Chau

This weekend - field trip to NYC! See Jan for more info.

Philly's more fun when you sleep over - mark your calenders for an overnight field trip to Philly - November 9 - 10. Trip to include stops at the Philly Craft Show and the Fabric Workshop.

Holiday sales - We're applying to Charm City Craft Mafia's Holiday Heap!
(tentative) dates for the Holiday Sale -
Wednesday, December 5th - Cook Library - 11-3
Thursday, December 6th - Cook Library - 11-3
Friday, December 7th - Center for the Arts - 10-6
Saturday, December 8th - Center for the Arts - 10-6

Next meeting - Monday, October 1 - 6:30 PM - CA2006

Thursday, September 13, 2007

First Meeting!

The first meeting of the semester will take place on Monday, September 17th at 6 PM in CA 2006.

Officer elections and planning for the semester.