Sunday, April 27, 2008


Our new logo that Suzi made!! We've ordered aprons, and we're gocco this one them! Get excited

Friday, April 25, 2008

Canned Food Drive

Canned Food Drive

The Towson Metals and Jewelry Club is now accepting donations of canned food items for use toward community service hours. If you are a member of the club or even if you are not, we would greatly appreciate anything you can give.
A box is located in 2015 under the Metals and Jewelry Club bulletin.
Also, if you have clothes or toys you wish to contribute you can contact Sherri @
Thank You!

Friday, April 4, 2008

more flyer ideas.

MOTHER'S DAY sale is coming up so i had flowers on the mind. Here's my take on a flowery design for a sale flyer.

I wasn't sure if i could use this sort of design for the banner but it was fun to draw. The club name and information would go on the right side.

Again, just throwing these ideas out there. I'm open for suggestions. Plus if anyone else wants to sketch up things too that would be great! I didn't want people to think that it was just me.

Like it, hate it, let me know!

Flyer idea

Here's a sketch i did while looking at different examples of iron gates. It's just my first idea... i wrote in the club name just to see how it could be spaced out. I figured we'd want a lot of room to write sale information. But we could just keep the border and not the font because i wasn't really trying to make the words creative. i thought it would be easier to be able to type information and paste inside when making multiple copies for sales. I don't want to use my ideas if anyone doesn't like them. They are just rough ideas.

If we use this kind of design on banners, i'd like to paint other things behind or around but i figured i couldn't do that on the flyers because it would be too hard to print. plus they are usually black on colored paper anyway.